Being a Cloud Data Engineer | Interview with Marianna Fusco from BIP xTech

What does it mean to be a Cloud Data Engineer and a woman in STEM? Marianna Fusco, Cloud Data Engineer Specialist at xTech, BIP's Practice on exponential Cloud, Data, AI, 5G and IOT technologies, who we had the pleasure of interviewing as a former student of the 2nd level Master's degree in Cloud Data Engineering organised and co-designed by BIP and Cefriel and officially recognised by the Politecnico di Milano, tells us.


What does a Cloud Data Engineer do? 

The Il Cloud Data Engineer is a key figure in processes involving the collection, analysis, transformation and exposure of data. He is in charge of defining, managing and monitoring data flows, building or refining architectures involving different types of data and ensuring their availability and quality. He has a broad knowledge of technical tools and of the Cloud, where these data are generally managed, and collaborates with various professionals (such as Data Scientists and Data Analysts) who analyse and process data.

He has a broad knowledge of technical tools and of the Cloud, where these data are generally managed, and collaborates with various professionals (such as Data Scientists and Data Analysts) who analyse and process data. 


What motivated you to become a Cloud Data Engineer?

I have a scientific background with a Master's degree in Astroparticle Physics and I worked on a thesis on image analysis for the directional search of Dark Matter using Deep Learning techniques. I am a curious person and have always been fascinated by the world of Big Data and the ability to extract useful information from these large numbers. On several occasions, I have learnt that one of the key prerequisites for analysing data lies at its very foundation, in its collection and preparation.

When I heard about the offer proposed by BIP and Cefriel, I did not hesitate to embark on this new experience. I would have been able to train and in the future play a crucial role in a rapidly growing field, Big Data, where I could put my knowledge to use and improve my skills.


What tasks does a Cloud Data Engineer typically perform? 

I don't think there is a typical routine for a Cloud Data Engineer. Usually, some activities are continuous or periodic such as, for instance, the control and monitoring of active data flows or the analysis of results of existing processes such as Data Observability (which includes tests and metrics to validate data quality).


Very often, however, it is necessary to put together ideas and technological tools and create new flows or extend existing ones to meet specific needs that improve data knowledge, quality or availability. And it is precisely in these circumstances that skills and abilities can be deployed to define and develop new, sometimes even innovative, solutions.


What are the skills of a Data Cloud Engineer and above all, how much did your university course influence their learning? 

For a data engineer, it is useful to have knowledge of data and its processing, to know access strategies and mechanisms as well as programming languages and tools for managing and working with data.


Among non-technical skills, I believe it is advantageous to have an aptitude for teamwork, critical thinking skills and a proactive attitude in facing daily challenges as well as good problem solving skills.


My university career has helped me to develop many of these skills, which, being transversal, are easily spendable in different contexts. Many of the technical aspects I learnt by working directly on various projects, which often stimulated my creativity in the search for alternative solutions, and my curiosity then evolved into continuous learning.


What impact did the Master in Cloud Data Engineer organised and co-designed by BIP and Cefriel have on your career? 

In my case, the Level II Master in Cloud Data Engineering organised by Cefriel played a key role in the process of theoretical training and preparation for the profession of Cloud Data Engineer. It allowed me to acquire a number of basic skills in different fields that were useful in understanding the dynamics and processes involved in the daily work of a Cloud Data Engineer.


I can say that it turned out to be an important and fruitful investment in my professional growth and that many of the technical skills I acquired were then expanded through direct experience on the job, study and individual updating. 


Given that Cloud Data Engineering is generally considered a predominantly male-dominated tech field, what advice would you give to other girls like you who would like to enter this world?

Be curious, read, research and inform yourself about this world and the different professional opportunities, there are so many of them and maybe you will discover new interesting profiles. You have to put effort and passion into it because there is competition but you should not be discouraged or intimidated by the percentages.


It is an ever-changing world where there are many opportunities for everyone, where you can prove you can do your job well and stand out, making your valuable contribution even in a predominantly male world. It is the quality of our work, the added value, that makes the difference and not how many we are. In the end we are only talking about numbers, right? 🙂


In 2022, BIP was awarded the Top Employer Italia certification for its commitment to implementing policies for the well-being of people, including gender equality and women's empowerment. Are you proud to be part of a company that makes it possible to create a fairer society?

I am proud to be part of this reality, in BIP I have found a stimulating, young and dynamic working environment, attentive to the needs of the worker. It is a company that pools its strengths to achieve common goals of improving the well-being of working life, ready to accept new challenges and adopt policies aimed at improving and growing its employees.

Se anche a te piacerebbe fare un percorso di carriera simile a quella di Marianna, candidati al Master di II livello in Cloud Data Engineering organizzato da BIP e Cefriel e riconosciuto dal Politecnico di Milano.
The costo del Master è interamente coperto da BIP e, una volta iscritt*, sarai immediatamente assunt* da BIP con contratto di Apprendistato in Alta Formazione della durata di due anni.


Vuoi iniziare anche tu un percorso di altissima formazione nel Cloud Date Engineering ed entrare nel team innovativo di BIP?

Candidati alla 5° edizione del Master di II livello in Cloud Data Engineering co-progettato da BIP xTech & Cefriel e interamente finanziato da BIP.

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