About Us

VGen is a community of young talents who propose ideas and solutions for social and technological innovation. We were born with the aim of changing the university mentality by reinventing the way young people approach their personal and professional path. We believe that innovation must pass from the new generations and their ideas and proposals and for this reason we want to give them the opportunity to get involved and gain practical experience with companies of all kinds and startups.

VGen was founded in October 2018 among the desks of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" by a group of students from the Faculty of Economics close to the startup ecosystem. In January 2019 VGen opened its first club in Milan thanks to a team of students from the University "Luigi Bocconi", with the support of several players in the world of innovation in Milan. Today, our community is present in 7 universities and 4 cities (Rome, Milan, Bologna and Singapore) and has over 200 members.

Il 15 novembre 2019 apre ufficialmente VGen LAB, la prima piattaforma italiana online e offline di open innovation community driven rivolta alle community, alle università, alle associazioni, agli studenti e alle startup. L’obiettivo è connettere il tessuto imprenditoriale italiano con le nuove generazioni e offrire uno strumento di crowdsourcing alle aziende per permettergli di innovarsi in maniera flessibile, veloce, dinamica, con prezzi vantaggiosi e di avere l’opportunità di far conoscere il proprio brand su ampia scala. Dall’altro lato, le community e gli studenti hanno la possibilità di mettere in pratica le loro competenze e conoscenze e di ottenere numerose opportunità per la loro crescita personale, sociale e professionale.  

VGen LAB Team

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