Busrapido is launching in Italy its new anti-covid Zeelo company shuttle service aimed at all medium-large Italian companies.

Your goal is to design a business strategy to reach as many target companies as possible! 


Internship full time as Junior Business Developer in Busrapido

Deadline: 2 agosto

Il Team di Busrapido è alla ricerca di nuove strategie di business per poter raggiungere in maniera efficace ed efficiente l’area HR delle più importanti aziende italiane e proporre Zeelo, il nuovo servizio di navette anti-covid che consentono il trasporto in sicurezza dei dipendenti nei posti di lavoro. Per questa ragione la startup ricerca una figura Junior in area Business Development da formare per un periodo da 3 a 6 mesi a partire da questa estate!

Your goal in this Challenge is to design a data acquisition strategy, in the form of an elaboration or a presentation, that will allow the company to reach the most important Italian companies in an efficient way.

The score of the presentation is in twenties, each topic awards maximum points for a total of 20.

  • Your strategy should contain the following topics:

  • 1. Analysis of the target client to whom the strategy is addressed (3 pts.);
  • 2. Contact acquisition strategy of 5,000 HR Managers in one week (12 pts.);
  • 3. Cold email to propose to the contacts collected in point 2 (5 pt.).

Further information on points 2 and 3 and a presentation of Busrapido will be available for download after clicking on "Join the Challenge”; the consultation of such material is useful for a correct resolution of the Challenge.

After completing the three tasks, the work must be reported on a single PDF file that you must upload using the form that will appear on this page after registering for The Challenge.

Take your time to complete the Challenge: we prefer detailed answers to superficial ones! Show us your creative side!

By participating in The Challenge you declare that you accept the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Services.

To participate in The Challenge you must register by clicking on "Join the Challenge" and send, through the appropriate form that will appear on the page, your solution in PDF format by August 2, 2020.

Solution formatpresentation or text file in PDF format.

Deadline: 2 august 2020.


All results will be communicated within 15 days of the end of The Challenge to the address used to upload the solution.

Internship full time as Junior Business Developer in Busrapido

The top 5 will be called for a job interview. The job position is intended for a possible inclusion of the resource in the Startup Team.

  • Job position info
  • Role: Business Developer
  • Contract type: internship
  • Wage: 400€
  • Start date: august– september
  • Duration: 3 to 6 months
  • Place of work: remote
  • Timetable: full-time (Mon-Fri)
  • The solutions will be evaluated by the Busrapido Team according to the following criteria:
  • • Creativity;
  • • Overall quality of the solution;
  • • Basic skills as a Business Developer.

For other information, doubts and clarifications, please send an email to help@vgen.it


Busrapido.com is a booking site for the bus rental with driver that makes it easy and convenient to book private coaches for group travel. Today you can book online hotel rooms, flights, rental cars, yachts, private jets but not private buses.
Busrapido has made the rental of private buses with driver accessible to all. The goal of the startup is to innovate an industry that today is worth more than $120 billion worldwide, where all bookings are still handled via email and traditional phone calls. In two years Busrapido has moved more than 50,000 people, receiving more than €1.5 million reservations and creating the largest network of transport companies in Italy and the UK.

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