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Deadline:  2 dicembre 2020

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Welcome to Green Stone Funds. Your first activity will be to support the investment team in evaluating a residential development project worth over € 30Mio. The simulation consists of two tasks: market research and financial modeling.  
To complete the Challenge, you must complete the following business tasks.
After clicking on “join”, you will get the supporting documentation containing a detailed description of the tasks and multiple guides to better carry out the challenge.


I primi tre classificati della Challenge potranno accedere al colloquio per la posizione di Investment Analyst (due posizioni disponibili).

Position: Investment Analyst
Starting Date: December 2020 / January 2021
Duration: 3-6 months
Contract: Paid internship (Full-time position offered at the end of the internship)
Luogo di lavoro: Milano o Roma

Task 1: Market Research

The goal of the task is to identify the best areas in Milan where to develop a residential project. To complete the task you will need to develop a short market research report containing the following information:

  • Main demographic statistics of Milan including future predictions that take into account the impact of Covid-19
  • The area of Milan where you believe there is greater potential for residential development (justify your choice by using the indicators you have identified)

You will have to submit this task in PDF format and limit the presentation to a maximum of 8 slides. 

You can use any web source to complete the task. You can also make use of the following links to get started: 

Link 1 (Demographics) | Link 2 (Real Estate Statistics)

Task 2: Financial Model

Develop a financial plan for the construction work. To complete this task you will need to download the template which includes all the assumptions and further information for the financial model. 

You will have to submit this task in XLS format.

Requirements and Regulations

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To participate in The Challenge you must register by clicking on "Join the Challenge" and submit your solution in PDF (Task 1) and XLS (Task 2) format within the deadline, using the form that will appear on the page.

Task 1 formatPresentation (8 slides max., PDF format)..

Task 2 format
XLS file.

  • Deadline: 2 dicembre 2020.

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