Lavora nel team di una startup

The 9 reasons to work in a startup (rather than in a corporate one)

Very often, unfortunately, when we talk about startup, we focus on cofounder rather than all the other team members, who have probably made an even bolder choice, blindly marrying an extremely risky project that, at an early stage, does not belong to them at all.

Following the great success of the Tor Vergata Startup Day event on Friday 20th November Uninformazione and VGen teams decided to summarize in an article for their respective communities what are the main reasons that should lead a young graduate (or graduating) to prefer a job in a startup rather than in a large multinational company.


Below you can find the list of the 9 main reasons we have identified and their explanation:

1) Greater decisional influence and greater responsibility

This is simple: in a horizontal and unhierarchical environment, one's positions and decisions certainly have a much greater weight. On the other hand, being part of a team of a few people also means having great responsibilities.

2) Career Opportunities

Certainly working in a startup is a great risk, but at the same time it represents a great opportunity for your career. If your goal is to be so successful and manage an entire area of work at the company level, surely the startup is a great opportunity to "social scale".

3) Horizontal working environment

The work environment is much less hierarchical than that of a large corporate; in a startup you have a very close and informal contact with all the main team members.

4) Sense of membership

Working in a startup is a 360 degree immersive experience. Since they are still in an embryonic phase and are composed of a low number of people, the startups have extremely horizontal working contexts and this makes you feel extremely close to the project, both from a practical and emotional point of view. In short, working in a startup creates a very strong sense of belonging to the company.

5) Continuous learning

By definition, startups are organizations that live in a continuous condition of uncertainty and variability and for this motivation within them is wrong, they change and analyze continuously. The learning opportunities on a personal and professional level are constant and inevitable; it's all about knowing how to seize them.

6) Wider and more variable tasklist

For the same reasons of the above point, the activities to be carried out are many more and much more variable than those that would be carried out in a "traditional" company. In summary, for those who are curious to discover new things and do a lot of activities, a startup is the ideal working context.

7) Soft skills marked development

The working environment of startups helps the development of important soft skills such as: flexibility, team working, emotional intelligence, creativity, etc.

8) Few formalisms

If you hate the idea of dressing up to go to work or to relate in a formal way with your colleagues, startup is the working environment for you.

9) Emotional component

Living the growth of a startup is a continuous succession of positive and negative emotions. All members are involved in the failures and successes of the project.


Let's add an extra extra point that we think it is important to highlight: in an extremely variable and fickle context like today's one, working in a startup is probably the most humanly educational experience you can live!

We would like to emphasize that the reasons given do not apply to everyone, but only to those who believe that they are important components for their character type and personality.

In short, if you are an extremely schematic, shy, formal person and not very willing to work together with others, probably the startup context is not really suitable for you. An advice that we can give you in this case is to look for opportunities in large companies or wait a few years for the startup that intrigues you to become an affirmed scaleup. 😊

That said, if after reading this article you have convinced yourself to try a work experience in a startup, we have the opportunity for YOU!

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