Open Innovation Challenge

Research and validate new ideas, projects and solutions with a national community of young innovators

What they are

Open Innovation Challenges are online competitions focused on specific business challenges and problems addressed to researchers, freelancers, startups, students, communities, and even employees and contractors, through which companies seek new ideas, solutions, and projects.

Tech scouting

Digital Transformation

Corporate Venture Capital

Connection with startups

Why realize a Challenge?

The 85% of «Top Global Brands» uses challenges as an Open Innovation tool.

Challenge typologies

Open Innovation Challenges can be addressed to communities of startup, researchers, students and freelancers externally to the company or internally to employees and contractors.

Mixed-participation solutions can also be structured.

Technology Scouting

Find new technological solutions to innovate your company and create new business lines.


Idea crowdsourcing through a large community of students, researchers, freelancers, professionals and startups.

Internal Challenge

Involve employees and contractors in your strategic goals to increase operational and managerial efficiency.

Online Hackathon

Team-based online coding competition to find new software solutions and connect with top developers.

Challenge areas

Open Innovation Challenges can be launched in different areas depending on the specific needs of the company.


Business/Idea Generation
Digital Marketing
Web/UX Design


Data Science
AI & Machine Learning


Web/App Development

Open Innovation process

Our team supports you in all stages of Open Innovation, from scouting to validation and implementation of the solution.

Solution scouting

Ricerca delle soluzioni alla Challenge che rispondano alle esigenze dell’azienda.


Evaluation of the solutions received and selection of the winning proposals.


Selected solutions are tested, validated, and then implemented.

Successful use case


The Challenge of the Region of Umbria, which aims to collect ideas, projects and technological solutions under the banner of sustainability and from young talents, in order to encourage their development and implementation within companies in the strategic sectors of the Umbrian territory.

Regions reached
Presented Solutions
Award-winning solutions

Happy customers


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