Open Innovation Program

Build your Open Innovation program to validate new ideas and projects and implement them

What it is

The Open Innovation Program aims to connect ideas and projects from young talents and/or employees and contractors to the company based on vertical challenges.

The program is divided into 5 steps:

1. Launch of the Challenge and applications

  • 2. Selection of participating teams
  • 3. Training (with Agile methodologies)
  • 4. Development
  • 5. Solutions implementation

Why realize a Program?

The 85% of «Top Global Brands» uses challenges as an Open Innovation tool.


The average duration of an Open Innovation program is about 2 months.


The Program with the related challenge(s) is published on VGen's platform and open for applications from participants.

Selection and team matching

Selection of the profiles that will participate in the Program, based also on any background and personality tests and creation of the work teams that will participate in the challenge(s).

Corporate and methodological training

Training on business needs and company characteristics (delivered with the company), followed by training on Agile development methodologies that will be used in the program.

Solutions development

Teams work on developing solutions to business challenges supported by an Agile Coach.

Validation and implementation

Following the teams' submission of solutions, VGen supports the company on the path of validation and subsequent development and implementation.

The actors

For a successful Open Innovation Program, several actors are essential.

Agile Coach

Facilitator with Agile and Scrum skills who trains and supports teams, coordinating with the company.


Heterogeneous work teams composed of talentes or corporate (or mixed) employees working on challenges.

Company mentors

Mentors appointed by the company to follow the progress of the Program and communicate with other actors.

Program typologies

Open Innovation Programs can involve different types of participation: they can target communities of young talent and professionals externally to the company, or internally to employees and contractors.

Mixed-participation solutions can also be structured.

Talent Program

Addressed to students, graduates and young professionals.

Internal Program

Addressed internally within the company to employees and contractors.

Mixed Program

Contamination between corporate figures and young talents.


We support you in all Open Innovation processes, from the analysis of business problems and the creation of the Challenge to the development and implementation of solutions.

Analysis of innovation

Analysis of technical and business problems for which innovation solutions are sought.

Idea Crowdsourcing

Searching for solutions to innovation
needs by creating
and distributing challenges.

Test and validation

Selection, testing and validation of the obtained solutions before further development.

Development ad implementation

The development and in-house implementation phase of the selected solutions begins.

Successful use case

Scintille 2021

Trentino Sviluppo's program with the goal of connecting young talents from all over the country with SMEs in the territory of the Autonomous Province of Trentino.

Companies and challenges
Selected profiles
Implemented Solutions

Why implement an Open Innovation program?

The companies that participated in the 2021 edition of Scintille can tell us.

Open Innovation as a tool for growth and development

Download our white paper on the topic of open innovation as an important growth and development model not only for large companies but also for SMEs, public administrations, associations and institutions.

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