A digital and innovative recruitment experience

Insight, profiling and evaluation of candidates in one only platform

VGen is the all-in-one platform that enables companies to publish their job opportunities in the form of practical and competitive challenges by drawing from a library of case studies.

Through a business dashboard, the company will be able to monitor the progress of job offers in real time and obtain CVs, solutions, and data from all candidates.

Key features

Creation and customization of your own business page

Library of case studies to create your own Challenge based on the job position


Business dashboard with insights and analytics of challenges


Semi-automatic evaluation system of candidates and their solutions


Profiling and exporting candidate data, CVs and results securely and quickly. Create your own talent database!

E-mail marketing tool to interact with candidates directly

How it works

Create your business page

Create and customize your corporate showcase page. Within it you can include mission, values, strengths and dedicated content to get you noticed by talents.

Launch your Challenge

Based on the job opportunity, build your Challenge with the VGen team by drawing from our library of case studies. Once published, the Challenge will be visible to users and open for participation.

Challenge online

The Challenge is officially online! Users participate by solving the challenge and apply for the open job position.

Monitor your challenges

Through a special dashboard you will be able to monitor the analytics of your challenges, obtain the SOLUTIONS and CVs of candidates and their profiled data. You will also be able to perform evaluation of their papers based on set evaluation criteria.

Contact and hire the best solver!

Contact the profiles you think are most on target for the job positions and schedule a job interview.

Take a look at the company dashboard

Watch the explanatory video demo on how the business dashboard works from which you can monitor the progress of your challenges, manage your talent database, see all applications, and contact the best profiles.

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