BIP Virtual Internship

Cyber Security Consulting Experience

Deadline: 30 august 2020


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Discover BIP

BIP is a leading consulting company in Europe that employs more than 3,300 professionals worldwide. BIP supports companies and organizations in the processes of transformation, research and adoption of technological solutions.


Welcome to the BIP CyberSec Practice Team! This digital experience will allow you to:

• Learn under a practical perspective the Cyber Security sector;

  • • Implement an IT Security Management Process;
  • • Learn how to perform a Gap assessment in IT through a case study;
  • • Expand your knowledge in the field of Informatics and the latest technologies through a practical experience.

To complete the Virtual Internship you need to complete the following business tasks.nThe completed tasks must be included in a final presentation in PDF format
After you click participate you will have a folder with additional material and a template for the final presentation.

Task 1: Research and orienting

Through this task you will have the opportunity to discover the Cyber Security sector by performing a research and orientation activity. 

In the additional material (folder “Task 1”) you will find the topics to be explored and the indications to report your research in the final presentation.

Task 2: IT Incident Management

Every company that uses IT systems must have a procedure for managing any security incidents. The objective of the task is to prepare a process that allows to manage in a quick and effective way any IT security incident.

In the additional material (folder “Task 2”) you will find a document that will guide you in the process. 

Task 3: Gap Assessment case study

Congratulations on completing the first two tasks! Now you are ready to support BIP's CyberSec Practice to perform a Gap Assessment for Thunder Srl company.

Your task is to verify that, in the process of migration to a new management system, the company meets all the necessary security criteria.

In the additional material ("Task 3" folder) you will find a special document and a checklist that will guide you through the task.

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Once uploaded, your work will be evaluated by the BIP Practice CyberSec Team.
Each candidate will receive a score from 1 to 30, each candidate with a score greater than 20 will receive the Certificate of completion of the Virtual Internship.