YOUniversal Media
Virtual Internship

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Deadline: 23 November 2020
Job positions available for the best participants


Discover YOUniversal Media and virtual internship in Digital Marketing


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Discover YOUniversal

YOUniversal Media is an international media and communication technology company based in Italy and Ireland. The company specializes in the acquisition and monetization of internet traffic and content marketing activities. YOUniversal Media collaborates with international brands such as Yahoo!, Google, Microsoft and uses the latest Artificial Intelligence technologies and proprietary software to drive change in digital marketing. 


Welcome to the YOUniversal Media Team! This digital experience will allow you to:

  • • Simulate an advertising campaign worth € 50,000;
  • • Learning concretely how the main advertisement platforms work;
  • • Deepen your knowledge in Digital Marketing and receive a certified certificate.

Prize: the best participants will be invited for an interview with YOUniversal Media for Junior Digital Marketing positions (internship contract). The selections are made on rolling basis.

To complete the Virtual Internship you need to complete the following business tasks.
Completed tasks should be included in a final presentation in PDF format.
After clicking participate you will need to download the support material which includes tips and guides.

Task 1: Creating the Media Mix

You have been allocated a budget of € 50,000 to spend on digital advertising, how do you divide the budget? Through this task you will learn how to use the main advertising platforms and you will have to decide how to divide the budget into various ads activities.

Task 2: Campaign creation

Every advertisement campaign is characterized by two main elements: theadvertisement (texts / photos) and the target (audience selection).

In this task you will have to make the ads and select the target in a professional way. Guides available in the support template.

Task 3: Creating the landing page

Through this task you will support the company to create the landing page where the leads generated by the advertisement campaign will be converted.

Task 4: Campaign Results

What results do you expect to achieve with your campaign? In this task your task is to estimate the results. You will also have to manage the communication with the client by submitting your proposal via email.

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Once uploaded, your paper will be evaluated by YOUniversal Media's team.

Each candidate will receive a score from 1 to 30, each candidate with a score greater than 20 will receive the Certificate of completion of the Virtual Internship.