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IPO Financial Advisory

Deadline: 9 ottobre 2020


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Candidato Task 1 (max 10 pt.) Task 2 (max 10 pt.) Task 3 (max 10 pt.) Totale (max 30 pt.)
Alessandro S. 7 6 7 21
Alessio C. 8 8 6 23
Andrea M. 8 8 8 25
Andrea S. 7 7 7 21
Antonio R. 7 7 9 23
Davide V. 7 8 8 23
Francesco S. P. 6 8 9 23
Gabriele V. 5 7 7 20
Gabriele Z. 8 8 9 26
Giuseppe T. 8 7 7 22
Jacopo B. 8 8 8 24
Marco D. S. 7 8 7 23
Nunzio V. 9 6 7 22

Discover YOURgroup

We were born in 2011 and in a very short time we established ourselves as the first Italian company of operational advisory C-Level, introducing in our country the concept of Fractional Executive. For each key area of the company, we offer operational support” on site “delivered by a team of Contract managers with long business experience in leading companies, selected through a complex process consisting of five different interviews and a soft skills test based on the”Big Five". The rigor and attention in the selection of partners, allowed us to create a real hub of skills, formed by 6 teams of highly motivated and coordinated specialists.


Welcome to YOURgroup! This experience will allow you to:
• Deepen your knowledge about IPO processes;
• Complete a competitor analysis;
• Learn about financial valuation methods
• Develop an excel financial model for an IPO (for best participants only)

To complete you must successfully complete the following tasks. Completed tasks must be included in one final presentation in PDF format PDF . After that click on participate you will have template to be used as a guide for the presentation.

Task 0: Introduction to the internship

Read the support document "about YOURgroup" to get an initial overview on the case study.

Task 1: Strategical aspects

The company is present throughout Italy and abroad, with its partners or subsidiaries, in Paris, London, Zurich and Lugano. It is therefore asked to make an analysis of the competitive market, Italian and foreign, in order to identify the main competitors. Provide the ideal positioning of the company in this market. Expose a competitive strategy to increase its market share.

Task 2: IPO Steps

Describe the most important phases of an IPO process. For each phase indicate:
• Name of the phase
• Brief description
• Involved stakeholders and their responsibilities

Training material: Link1 | Link2 | Link3

Task 3: Valuation Methods

Describe the most important evaluation methods. For each, indicate the pros and cons. Which do you think is the most suitable evaluation method for YOURgroup?

Training material: Link1 | Link2 | Link3

Task 4: Financial modelling

Only the best participants will have access to this task! Upload your solution for the first 3 tasks. If you will be selected among the best participants, you will receive by email directions for the final financial modelling task.

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Once uploaded, your paper will be evaluated by a team of YOURgroup specialists.
Each candidate will receive a score from 1 to 30, each candidate with a score greater than 20 will receive the Certificate of completion of the Virtual Internship.