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Sales expansion strategy

Deadline: 12 ottobre 2020


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Discover TODUBA

TODUBA PASTOPAY was born from the need to quickly and effectively digitize the market of meal vouchers. It takes advantage of a proprietary digital wallet technology that makes it possible to immediately liquidate the value of the meal voucher and automate the processes of operations. It is also extremely versatile: a single APP to manage also other aspects of corporate welfare. TODUBA offers private individuals with a VAT number of meal vouchers with a nominal value of one cent cumulative, allowing the user to spend exactly the desired amount. It will be possible to bring at cost meal vouchers up to 2% of the turnover and keeping the receipt will no longer be a problem.


Welcome to the Team of Toduba, the Italian startup that has digitalized the meal voucher market!
This digital experience will allow you to:
• To deepen and know in a practical way the process of sales expansion;
• Make an analysis of competitors and market sentiment;
• Develop a sales expansion strategy.

To complete the Virtual Internship you need to complete the following business tasks.
Completed tasks should be included in a final presentation in PDF format.
After clicking participate you will have a folder with additional material and a template for the final presentation.

Task 0: Introduction to the internship

Read the support document "about TODUBA" that will give you a complete overview of the company.

Task 1: Market research and competitor analysis

Identify the main competitors of Toduba and insert them in a Cartesian plane by choosing two variables for their positioning in the graph.
It also performs a SWOT analysis.

Task 2: Market sentiment analysis

Follow the instructions in the template to create a survey and evaluate the perception of the service by end users.
Create a summary of the questions and answers obtained from the survey.

Task 3: Market Penetration strategy

Taking as a starting point the results of the previous Tasks, realize a strategy of Market Penetration of the Toduba service towards freelancers that includes:

- Creation of an extra service that can improve Toduba's offer for both users and restaurateurs/GDOs;
- Identification of potential business partners that may be useful to reach more users;
- Marketing Strategy: design of an activity (Online and/or Offline) that can increase the number of freelance users of Toduba.

Training material: Link1 | Link2

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Once uploaded, your paper will be evaluated by the TODUBA Team

Each candidate will receive a score from 1 to 30, each candidate with a score greater than 20 will receive the Certificate of completion of the Virtual Internship.