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Imagine to be the CEO of Radoff, an Italian startup that produces sensors that monitor air quality. You want to sell your startup because, in your opinion, the perfect period to maximize your future gain has come…


1° classificato: Internship

Deadline: February 10th 2020

Your goal is to evaluate an exit strategy for the startup Radoff via an M&A process with a big company.

To study the M&A exit strategy your solution must include the following elements:

  • A description of a M&A process with its PROs and CONs.
  • A brief overview overview of the startup Radoff.
  • Potential buyers: provide a list of potential buyers shortly explaining why you are considering them as potential buyers of the startup.
  • Incentives for the potential buyer to acquire Radoff such as synergies, economies of scale, product differentiation, diversification or others. Briefly explain each potential gain.
  • Complete a short P&L statement of the startup (using the excel template given after the registration).

 Once registered to this challenge you will be able to download a template containing:

  • A guideline to solve this challenge
  • A link to have more information about Radoff (slide 5)
  • A link to download the simple P&L statement to be completed

By participating in the Challenge you declare that you accept the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Services.


  • The challenge can be solved only by university students (no faculty restrictions);
  • English level: B2+ (no certification needed);
  • The challenge has to be solved individually (no team are accepted);
  • To participate is necessary to attach your project in PDF format (a standard template is available after your subscription to the challenge. Remind! You are totally free to customize and modify the standard template or use your own template);
  • The solutions have to be uploaded on the website before the deadline.

Job interview for the best 5 solvers.


Job Position Details

  • Start: mid-February
  • Working Period: 3-6 months
  • Pay: provided
  • Workplace: Rome

The criteria that will be used to evaluate the proposed solution and to determine the winners of the challenge will be as follows: 

  • expertise in using Excel
  • graphic quality of the work

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