A platform, a community and a team working to make talent and opportunity meet and to value merit.

VGen is Italy's leading startup in the creation of challenges with recruiting purposes addressed to young people under 35.

We propose a new model of practical recruitment based on participation in vertical competitive contests.

We believe that selection processes are in dire need of more effective, interactive and, above all, meritocratic ways and that job search for young people should become a more instructive and educational path.

To make the labor market more accessible and meritocratic

Our Story

  • December 2018

    VGen was born as an informative and educational community by a group of students at the University of Rome "Tor Vergata". Starting from Rome, in a very short time, the community expanded to various universities nationwide until it became one of the largest Italian communities of students and recent graduates.

  • November 2019

    VGen launches its Challenge Platform with the goal of connecting its community with companies, SMEs and startups through practical Recruiting, Employer Branding and Open Innovation activities.


    VGen is the solution created for your company in order to innovate classic job postings by turning them into practical challenges that can be monitored in real time through a corporate dashboard.

Our company in numbers

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Our values

Humans before

We believe in human beings, their actions and their ability to positively impact the world.

Give back

We believe in the importance of returning value to others by sharing skills and know-how.

Value generation

We believe in work as a tool for creating shared value for the benefit of society as a whole.

Long-term value

We believe that value creation is sustainable and thus produces effect over time and across generations.


We believe in contamination between people of different cultures, backgrounds and education as the basis for innovation.


We believe in innovation as a fundamental engine that moves and improves communities and individuals around the world.


We support merit as a fundamental condition for the development of an equitable, knowledgeable and progressive society.

Result oriented

We are focused on achieving concrete and measurable results for our clients and all stakeholders.

The Team

Gabriele Belfiore


Riccardo Madrigali

Co-founder & CEO

Ludovica Franchitti

Chief Marketing Officer

Gianmarco Comerci

Head of Business Dev

Marianna Bertolini

Community Manager

Vanessa Ceccacci

Junior Social Media Manager

Nicole Vanni

Junior Marketing Analyst

Carlo Corazzini

Head of Legal

Ludovica Franchitti

Chief Marketing Officer

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